Treating the south pole like it actually deserves has been overlooked by men across the globe for thousands of years. In modern times, we know better than to ignore the majesty that is what many call the real “national treasure.”

Hold onto your cubes, because the answer is here with Dr. Johnson’s Balls Aid.

We’ve all been there: itchy crotch, hot raisins, uncomfortable scroat-boat. Whatever you want to call, let’s be honest: sometimes the glorious reality of the hanging bag can be a pain in the balls.

Dr. Johnson’s Balls Aid is the answer, friends.

With a peppermint cool and non-greasy formula, it is simple to apply, makes you feel awesome, and won’t leave your bits feeling like a garbage fire.

You’ll be so amped up at how excellent your diamond mine feels, you’ll want to spread the gospel of Dr. Johnson’s Balls Aid to the world.

Organic ingredients, non-greasy formula with moisturizing shea and cooling peppermint are just some of the reasons you’ll want to treat your land down under to the gift that is Balls Aid.

Our Balls aid are hand-mixed blends of aloe, witch hazel, emulsifying wax,  shea nut oil, and peppermint oil to deliver a cooling relief to the land down under!

Comes in a 3 ounce tin.

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