Feeling a little squirrely in your crotch parts? 

That’s not a squirrel down there, hombre. Those are your nuts. And they deserve to be cooled, not roasted.

Ready for the solution? Well buckle up and hold onto your beets, because we’ve found it.

Introducing the man who is going to change how you do your private business: Dr. Johnson.

If there’s one thing Dr. Johnson is proud of, it’s his all in one Balls Aid moisturizer and it’s ability to thwart even the itchiest and most uncomfortable undercarriage.

Dr. Johnson is a manly man, and knows you are too. That’s why he developed this wonderfully scented, manly moisturizer to help you conquer the itchy, hot ridiculousness going down south of the border. 

Don’t let your hairway to Heaven feel like a highway to Hell.

Balls Aid should be part of your daily routine. Wake up: Balls Aid. After a workout: Balls Aid. Going to bed? Balls Aid.

Organic ingredients, non-greasy formula with moisturizing shea and cooling peppermint are just some of the reasons you’ll want to treat your land down under to the gift that is Balls Aid.

Our Balls aid are hand-mixed blends of aloe, witch hazel, emulsifying wax,  shea nut oil, and peppermint oil to deliver a cooling relief to the land down under this one with a kiss of lemon!

Comes in a 3 ounce tin.


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